Viktor Blom’s Net Worth

Viktor Blom is notable pg slot cc in the poker circuit, and has made significant abundance in the realm of Poker. He is most popular for his forceful games at different tables. We are discussing, as a matter of fact, Viktor Blom, prevalently known as Isildur1. This young fellow has taken numerous hair-raising actions at the tables and the universe of poker will continuously recollect him for his ‘hazardous’ games.

We love investigating the lives and rounds of prestigious poker players and in this article, we will zero in on Viktor Blom. We will take a gander at his initial life, how he began playing at poker tables, his greatest successes and misfortunes, individual life, and obviously, Viktor Blom total assets. Let us go right in and investigate the universe of Isildur1!

Early Existence of Viktor Blom
Brought into the world on the 26th of September, 1990, Viktor Blom is a Swedish high stakes poker player. He is most popular for his web-based poker games under the name of Isildur1. He is famous for his forceful play at numerous tables, particularly at his #1 rounds of Pot Breaking point Omaha and No Restriction Texas Hold’Em. Blom’s ascent to acclaim has attracted huge consideration across the poker local area 2009 when he partook in every one of the ten biggest pots throughout the entire existence of online poker. He is entirely erratic and he has faced a few excellent challenges at the tables that even awesome of poker players shudders at the prospect of.

Viktor bankroll has reliably rise and fall intensely at the speed of lightning. In the year 2010, he turned into an individual from Group PokerStars Master, even prior to acquiring notoriety in the realm of poker. In the January of 2011, Viktor’s character was at last uncovered to the world by PokerStars during the PokerStars Caribbean Experience. In August of 2012, Blom left PokerStars and by October of 2012, he was joined by Maximum capacity Poker. He was cooperated with Tom Dwan, an opponent high stakes proficient player.

Viktor Blom Early Poker Profession
Viktor was first acquainted with the universe of poker by his sibling at fourteen years old. He began with No-Restriction Texas Hold’Em heads up with his sibling and he played this game for two or three days. After a short time, he showed his companions and started to play miniature stakes with his companions. Blom dominated two or three matches from his companions and inside a brief timeframe, many individuals at his school got to realize that he has begun playing poker games. He and his companions routinely played with purchase ins of somewhere in the range of $3 and $7 during mid-day break in school. As per Viktor, in one of such mid-day break games, around 25 understudies went up to play with him and he wound up winning the first spot among the 25 players.

At 15 years old, Blom and his sibling decided to take their games a bit higher and started to store cash at online poker website to play. The couple entered their very first game at MTT and won in the fifth spot with a $300 monetary reward. As of now, this was tremendous cash for the siblings. Hardly any weeks after the fact, the siblings split account and began playing independently.

As of now, Viktor made a web-based poker screen name, ‘blom90’ and inside half a month at the game, he was reliably playing at $530 USD sit’n’go. Following several months at the game, Viktor Blom total assets was in overabundance of $275,000 at various destinations. He was scarcely 15 at this stage and from this stage onwards, Viktor turned into an expert poker player. It was at this stage that he started playing high stakes and began showing his inordinate betting streaks. Subsequent to winning the $275,000, he pulled out the whole cash and saved it on one site. He took on higher purchase in real money games as well as sit’n’go.

Tragically for him, he lost all the cash at a go. He didn’t surrender however; he started assembling his bankroll once more and kept $3,000 simultaneously. He began playing high purchase in sit’n’go and began making more rewards and expanded his bankroll. Viktor Blom constructed his bankroll to $50,000 and began playing at $310 sit’n’go consistently. Tragically, he lost everything once more.

He chose to enjoy some time off from poker and soon after, he got back to the tables. At his return, he set aside an installment of 10,000SEK and started playing just No-Restriction Hold’Em Fair warning. He moved from playing just ½ SEK to an enormous 50/100 SEK. At seventeen years old, he put aside an installment of $2,500 USD at PartyPoker and in something like two days, Viktor had made more than $200,000. He took part at one more hot streak at iPoker and made a tremendous winning of above $1.7 million USD inside a time of about fourteen days. At 17 years old, Viktor Blom total assets was fundamentally amazing. Not long after this, Viktor lost interest in the site since he was done getting thrilling activities, so he chose to search for another site and make another name.

The Introduction of Isildur1
In the wake of leaving iPoker, Blom started searching for the ideal site to take his games to and on the sixteenth of September 2009, he moved to Full bore Poker and enrolled under the name, Isildur1. He remained clouded until November of that very year when he began playing with well known poker aces in the business. He started playing with Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan, Cole South, Patrik Antonius, and Brian Townsend at stakes that are all around as high as $500 and $1000. On the fifteenth of November of that very year, he arrived at a pinnacle with an all out winning of $5.98 million USD. This triumphant without a doubt credited to Viktor Blom total assets generally. Known as an inconceivably forceful poker player, it was not unexpected to find that his total assets went down to $2 million in few weeks or less. He made about $4 million misfortune on the eighth of December. He made this misfortune to Brian Hastings when he played Heads-Up $500/$1000 Pot-Breaking point Omaha with him for a time of five hours.

Until February of 2010, Isildur1 was recognizably missing at Maximum capacity Poker, with the exception of few appearances sometimes. As per the insider interview of Maximum capacity Poker with another poker master, Patrik Antonius, Viktor Isildur1 had an all out bankroll of only $2000 in the fall of 2008 and by September, he had constructed his bankroll to a sum of $1.4 million USD and began playing at Full bore Poker. His most memorable game was with a high stakes standard, Haseeb Qureshi, at $100/$200 high stakes.

In something like 24 hours, Viktor Isildur1 had made about $500,000. He went low for some time and returned a month after the fact to play with Brian Townsend, Cole South, and Patrik Antonius at $200/$400 tables and $500/$1000 tables. He earned anything misfortune at these series of games. As per an editorialist with HighStakesDB, a checking site that tracks high stakes online action, Blom was excessively forceful at games which could bring about a major misfortune for him playing against first class in the poker business.

Curiously, he didn’t answer with words; he went on to win about $2 million USD from South and Townsend in October 2009. With more than $1 million benefit on Maximum capacity Poker, Viktor was at six $500/$1000 No Restriction Hold’Em Heads-Up tables for any player who will challenge him at such stakes. Tom Dwan was his most memorable adversary at this game. Known as one of the top players in web-based fair warning, Dwan was without a doubt an imposing rival for Blom. The pair at the same time played at six tables with more than 1,000,000 bucks in game for a time of multi week.

Toward the finish of the multi week, Viktor had impacted the world forever in web-based poker, with a triumphant of about $4 million USD from Dwan. Known not to surrender, Dwan gave a live test for a game with Isildur1 at Maximum capacity Poker Durrrr Million Dollar Challenge. Viktor likewise moved Antonius the next day to a rematch and he won a sum of $1.6 million USD from him, making Viktor Blom total assets from rewards at Full bore Poker arrive at a pinnacle of $5.98 million USD.

He didn’t stop at this; he went on to provoke Phil Ivey to play at three tables of $500/$1000 stakes at Heads-Up No Restriction Hold’Em. Popular for being perhaps of the best player on the planet, Phil Ivey shown gaming finesse at his game and toward the finish of the primary week at the game; Blom had lost about $3.2 million to Ivey. Isildur1 later recognized in a meeting that Phil is the hardest adversary that he had at any point played with.

Isildur1 made one more history in web-based poker when he made a deficiency of $3 million USD to Antonius on a solitary day. He was tested to a rematch in Omaha by Antonius and despite the fact that he was not excellent at the game, he let it all out and in a day, he had made a tremendous deficiency of $3 million. This was the greatest misfortune ever throughout the entire existence of online poker. Only one month after the fact, the table turned when Isildur1 played with Brian Hastings. A rematch round of Omaha was played the next day and Blom won a sum of $2 million USD back from Antonius, which was one more record on Isildur1’s part. He kept up with this triumphant for some time until he played for five hours with Brian Hastings in December of 2009. At this game, he lost a sum of $4.2 million to Scurrying which made it the greatest misfortune throughout the entire existence of online poker in a solitary day. Nobody has had the option to break this record till date.

It was subsequently found that Townsend, South, and Hastings shared data about Viktor’s 30,000 hands. This activity was depicted as accumulating or getting to data about different players well beyond what the client has by and by seen through their own game play. After this confirmation at a meeting with ESPN, Townsend was kept some from getting his own honors and red expert status as a supported Full bore Poker player however long 30 days would last. Viktor’s down at Maximum capacity Poker between the long stretch of September 2009 and October of 2010 at 50/100 stakes or more prompted a complete misfortune more than $2.6 million USD.

In the December of 2010, Blom cooperated with PokerStars to send off a four table Heads-Up cash game pot limit Omaha and No-Restriction Hold’Em ‘Genius Confrontation’ challenge. He gave this test to anybody that will play something like $50/$100 stakes for 2,






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