Overview of the Fourth Slot

Red Tiger Casino wants you to put on your tights and join a group of video slot super heroes. Developer Brave is the hero for their unbranded slot machine based on the superhero genre. It’s much simpler to strike up a conversation with someone if you already know who you’re talking to—Batman, The Avengers, or the X-Men, for example. It makes more sense when players are familiar with abilities, identities, and vulnerabilities. Similar to a child who buys a knockoff toy at the 99 cent store, the consequences of developers taking the generic way can be hit or miss.

It’s good to know that 4Squad isn’t a diluted copycat. It has some really fascinating heroes, each of whom can alter the reels in their own special way. But it isn’t completely smooth sailing. All superheroes have a flaw, and 4Squad is no exception; in fact, its weakness is very major. Find the nearest phone box to change in and let’s find out what it is.

No, it’s not about how you appear at all. Neither Sue Storm from Fantastic Four nor Beta Ray Bill can be compared to 4Squad. Red Tiger has opted for a downtown slot layout with 76 columns and rows, complete with skyscrapers that are eerily reminiscent of those in Metropolis or New York City.

For a victory in this setup, you’ll need to land clusters of 5 or more identical symbols touching horizontally or vertically. This clears the way for more symbols to fall into place, increasing the likelihood of numerous wins from a single spin.

The symbols are a wonderful blend of plain low pay and high pay heroes. The low cards are green clubs, blue diamonds, red hearts, and yellow spades, all of which have a futuristic aspect. The high payouts are more engaging because they include our four heroes in their respective colors: Quake (green), Strike (blue), Burst (red), and Beam (yellow).

If you’re wondering why we bothered mentioning so many colors, just wait till you see how they all tie together in the settings. The game’s last symbol is a power fist, which is worth 50 times the initial wager when five or more appear in a cluster. Other premiums’ rewards are lower, ranging from 5.30x to 9.0x the stake for a cluster or 20+.

Let’s check out the engine before we tell you about the extraordinary abilities. The first factor is the stakes, which range from 10 p/c up to $/€80 every spin. The mathematical model isn’t very demanding, as evidenced by the medium volatility and RTP just below 95.72%. Potential is also lower, making it difficult for certain players to get motivated. To be continued…

Features of the 4Square Slot

The four heroes and their corresponding low-paying symbols are the focus of the bonus rounds. When low or high payments of one colour form a cluster, the superhero with the associated colour has their progress bar filled. Quake’s meter, for instance, is affected by a cluster of five green clubs, and so on. Each each spin starts with all gauges at zero.

When a meter is totally full, whether from a single massive cluster or a huge number of smaller ones, its superpower is activated. Their respective adverbial modifiers are as follows:

When the green bar is at its fullest, a quake erupts and rips the lowest symbols from the grid, making room for new ones to drop in.

When the blue bar is full, Strike sends a bolt of lightning at random symbols, turning them into wilds.

When the red bar is at its fullest, a character named Burst appears and clones random symbols.

When the yellow bar is completely full, a beam will appear, awarding a multiplier between 2 and 10.

When the four gauges are simultaneously full, Superhero Mode is engaged. This provides one free spin with all low pay symbols removed and each superhero applies their modifier in turn.

The 4Squad Result

There are a number of entertaining aspects to 4Squad. For one, the theme has been used successfully for an unbranded superhero slot, and the abilities of each character can be entertaining. It stands to reason that the combined effects of their modifiers would be optimal. You can tell where Red Tiger is going with 4Squad, and it’s a decent game overall. Although, after a while, it feels like you’re just running in place, trying to catch your own cape.

When it comes to the epic chains that define cluster payouts, 4Squad is always a step or two short. It has its moments, Super Mode, being the most exhilarating, but all too frequently it’s over before it really gets a chance to rev up and go insane.

We warned that the game had a flaw, and that flaw is the potential return, which is only 1,279 times the wager. Red Tiger’s decision to essentially cripple the team is puzzling, because low potential is the ultimate Achilles’ heel in this town.

If you’re looking for a more laid-back and secure cluster payout slot, this one could be worth a spin. 4Squad is a better fit for less serious gamblers who don’t want to get hammered because it is not as all or nothing as other heavyweights in this class. On the other hand, 4Squad has trouble producing any of the truly epic chain responses that sometimes wind up on web highlight reels.






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