Hidden Pyramids: 4

Four Hidden Pyramids Slots Guide

The constant stream of new features thrown to slot gamers is one of the best parts about playing online. A minor adjustment here or there is all that’s needed to provide something somewhat different from what was before available; not all changes are earth-shattering paradigm shifts that cause you to question the entire basis of existence. Like throwing mud on a wall, not everything sticks; similarly, not all ideas make it out of the huge feature trash in the sky. The Bonus Up idea from the numerologists at 4ThePlayer is a complex mechanism that seems to have gone the way of the dodo. It first debuted in the Central American-themed slot 3 Secret Cities and has since made a reappearance in the slot game 4 Secret Pyramids, although over a year later.

A game called “4 Secret Pyramids” immediately transports the player to the deserts of Ancient Egypt. Yes, there are pyramids in other places, such as Sudan and even Rome, but for some reason, when we think of pyramids, we immediately think of Ancient Egypt. The excellent visual quality that was a standout in 3 Secret Cities is again present in 4 Secret Pyramids. The visual appeal would have been higher had 4ThePlayer gone with a less touristic locale, but these days it feels like there are like 14,000 other Egypt slots. The pyramids, statues, and flora and fauna in 4 Secret Pyramids are hard to criticize, therefore Egyptologists should like the book.

Because they are “for the player,” the developers at 4ThePlayer pack their titles with statistics and customization choices. If we start with the numbers, we see that 4 Secret Pyramids has a 95% return to player percentage, a high volatility rating, a maximum win of 55,000 times the stake, and an average best win after 100 spins. It’s all good things. And so are the betting opportunities. The standard bet is 20 p/c, and the maximum bet, including the x2 Bonus button, is £/€15 every spin. The Xtra Bonus button, which costs an additional 25%, enhances the odds of actually triggering free spins.

There are 1,024 possible combinations on the game board of 5 reels and 4 rows in 4 Secret Pyramids. Regular wins are awarded when identical symbols appear on neighboring reels, left to right. The highest paying hand is five of a kind, which pays 1-2 times the wager for the tens and aces and 2.5-5 times the wager for the Ankhs, Eyes, Anubis, Adventurers, and Egyptian Ladies. The free spins scatter symbol is the only symbol the wild cannot replace, although the other symbols may.

Four Hidden Pyramids Slot Machine Attributes

With the reintroduction of Bonus Up, it’s time to examine its inner workings. The game essentially features four different bonus round locations, each offering higher maximum multipliers and winning potential than the last. When the free spins feature next activates, the box above the reels will indicate your destination. If you get two scatter symbols on reels 1 and 3, you can win up to 50 times your wager or advance to the next bonus spot by clicking one of the symbols. There are up to 15 free spins available, a maximum win multiplier of x4, and a maximum win possibility of 12,000x the stake at the base level. Up to 55 free spins, a 15x win multiplier, and a 55,000x bet limit are all possible.

No Risk Turns

Scatter symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5 activate these. Several things occur just before they begin. One, you may take a chance and either climb to the next bonus level if you win, or drop to the previous level if you lose. After that point, the Pyramid Pick function is activated. Here, up to the maximum available at the current bonus round’s position, you click blocks to expose information about your free spins, win multiplier, and stacked symbol. The picking round concludes on the fourth selection if a ‘X’ is revealed, and the free spins feature kicks in at this point. If you get three scatters while you’re playing for free, you’ll win an additional 5-10 spins.

Purchase Option

After selecting the Buy option, you will be given the following choices:

Up to 20 free spins at a 60x multiplier can be won, and the maximum payout is 20,000 times the initial wager.

You may get up to 20 free spins at a multiplier of x11 and a maximum payout of 35,000 times your initial wager.

Maximum payout of 35,000x your initial wager, 120x your stake during up to 40 free games, and up to an x6 multiplier.

You can get 55 free spins with a multiplier of up to x15, and you may win up to 55,000 times your initial wager.

After making a purchase, players may use the Pyramid Pick function to select their desired amount of free games, stacked symbols, and win multipliers.

Slot Results for the 4 Hidden Pyramids

It was cool to see 4ThePlayer’s Bonus Up idea from 3 Secret Cities make a comeback, albeit after having seen it once before, the first “ooh, what’s this?” effect wasn’t quite as strong this time around. Perhaps this response was heightened by the use of a more conventional slot motif. Although slots inspired by Central America are certainly not uncommon, the Egyptian style is among the most played in the industry. However, 4ThePlayer has done an excellent job with the subject, painting a wide variety of attractive environments to explore, and this variety goes a long way toward ensuring that the game never becomes stale.

The sense of discovery and potential for reward is just as high in 4 Secret Pyramids as it was in its predecessor. The 55,000x the bet reward at the conclusion of the journey is large, but it may take some perseverance to reach the finish of the journey. Meanwhile, the 4 Secret Pyramids have rather straightforward gameplay at its heart. When you take away the map feature and the other extras, the game boils down to a simple pursuit of way wins and the occasional double scatter cash reward. However, it is presented elegantly, and its potentially enormous potential and openness are major selling points. Let’s not forget that the Pyramid Pick feature may be a lot of fun, and that significant multipliers can be earned during free games.

Taking removing the quest, the additional betting possibilities, and the bonus purchase makes 4 Secret Pyramids about as complicated as a standard ‘book of’ slot. It’s true that there’s a lot more to win, but the reduced RTP (in comparison to the original) is a bummer. If you’re looking for a simple Egypt-themed slot with a high maximum payout and lots of controls, this is the game for you.






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